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The SPA Student Union is a student-run group that dedicates its time and resources to give the whole student community of the Academy fairness, opportunities and a voice. Their role is to represent students’ views and aspirations, campaign, and organise activities.


You. Every year students at the Academy elect 6 students, who become the SPA Student Union Officer Team, these officers who lead the Students' Union.  SPA Student Union Officers have the chance to represent their peers and bring about the changes they would like to see across the Academy. Elected Officers, through sub committees, have opportunities to lead campaigns, develop new initiatives and organise events. As members of the student union they can steer the direction of our Academy.

The Student Union is made up of 6 Elected Officers, these elected positions are:

•  SPA SU President
•  Vice President Quality of Education
•  Vice President Personal Development
•  Vice President ROCK
•  Vice President Culture
•  Vice President Communications


Each Vice President role is supported by a Lower School Representative chosen by application process from Year 8 and Committee Teams chosen by application process from Year 10 & 11.


Outline of the Role

The role of the President is to represent and seek the views of students at St Peter’s CofE Academy

by being the figurehead of the Student Union at SPA. The President will lead the Students’ Union Officer Team and act as student liaison to the Academy Senior Leadership team.


  • To lead  and manage the officer team and chair the SPA Student Union meetings with a casting vote.
  • To act as the team’s spokesperson, regularly meeting with SPA senior leader members of staff, representing the views of students.
  • Be the public face of SPA and contribute to the positive image of the Academy with both students and the local community at both internal and external events.
  • To be responsible for developing positive external relations.
  • To promote the positive work of the Student Union through Social Media.
  • To represent the students at SPA, ensuring student opinions are taken into account when important decisions are made.
  • Be an excellent role model who promotes high standards and embodies the Academies Core Values.
  • Be a leader of equal opportunities, who values diversity and removes barriers to equality.



Outline of the Role

The VP Quality of Education role is concerned with everything teaching, exam, studying and learning based. The most important role the VP Education plays is working closely with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that lessons meet the needs of all students to enable them to reach their potential.


  • Chair the Quality of Education Committee who will:
  • Share best practice through virtual/in person presentations to staff and via @SPALearn Newsletters feeding back best teaching and learning practice as gathered from student voice.
  • Increase staff praise by organising the regular collection and distribution of staff praise postcards for quality teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Organise the Class Act Project, where upper school students mentor to develop engagement in class by lower school students.
  • Run the MADS For It' Project, which is a campaign to promote and improve students' aspirations to achieve their best in class every lesson, every day.



Outline of the Role

Vice President Personal Development is responsible for campaigning and improving student awareness of issues that affects student welfare and wellbeing. VP Personal Development (VP PD) will be the main representative of the welfare and wellbeing of students within St Peter’s and local community.


  • Chair the Personal Development Committee who will:
  • Raise awareness of issues affecting students at SPA by planning and delivering student led activities linked to identified awareness campaigns e.g. Mental Health Week or Operation Sceptre (Knife Crime).
  • Work along side the Healthy School &  Life & Soul Day coordinators to ensure the curriculum supports learners to develop their personal, social, health (both physical and mental) and emotional well being.
  • To actively promote healthy eating across the Academy
  • Work along side Careers lead to promote opportunities that prepares SPA Students for future success in their next steps after leaving the Academy.



Outline of the Role

The role of Vice President ROCK is to reinforce and develop the Christian Distinctiveness of the Academy by helping those who need it most through the ROCK welfare programme: Reaching Out with Care and Kindness.


  • Chair the Rock Committee who will:
  • Develop links with local Charities and organise and  co-ordinate charity events throughout the year.
  • Work along side the Rock coordinator to ensure the Rock curriculum supports learners in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Contribute to the Christian Distinctiveness of the Academy by working along side the Rock coordinator and GASP coordinator to develop student led Rock activities.
  • Coordinate TPS prayers and promote across the Academy.
  • To work with local religious leaders and the GASP coordinator to enhance collective worship and opportunities for prayer across the Academy.



Outline of the Role

The role of Vice President Culture is to develop a learning environment where both staff and  students feel psychologically and physically safe to enable everyone to be the best that they can be.


  • Chair the SPA Culture Committee who will:
  • Evaluate current Academy rewards and utilise Student voice to establish a new framework.
  • Create a Student version of the Anti Bullying Policy and Student Charter and promote across the Academy.
  • Develop age appropriate Peer on Peer Abuse policies to sit along side the Academy Policy.
  • Develop, coordinate and lead our new SPA Buddies.
  • Evaluate the New Behaviour for Learning framework via embedding Student Voice across both Staff and Students.
  • Support students who have received corrections through ‘Culture Mentoring’.



Outline of the Role

The role of  Vice President Communications is concerned with all things outward facing i.e. public relations and events ensuring the academy is represented in the best possible light. Working with the Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Year the VP Communications will lead a team creating positive messages both on social media and in person.


  • Chair the Communications Committee who will:
  • Create and maintain (through SLT support) a dedicated Student Union Social Media presence promoting the work of the Student Union and the wider Academy.
  • Organise student representation and support for key public events for current students such as Celebrating Success, Parent/Carer Evenings, Rewards Evenings etc.
  • Organise student representation and support for key public events fr future students such as Open Evenings/Days and parent carer tours.
  • Provide Team of students to visit feeder primary schools to promote the work of the Student Union and the Academy.
  • Liaise with wider Student Union Officers and Committees to ensure work of SU is communicated both within and beyond the Academy.
  • Assist where appropriate in engaging hard to reach families.
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