Wellbeing Strategy Statement

The Academy is committed to providing a healthy working environment and improving the quality of working lives for all staff. The wellbeing strategy aims to support the Academy’s mission and core values and the recognition that the Academy’s staff are its greatest asset.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) define wellbeing as

‘Creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation (CIPD 2016)

The wellbeing strategy’s ultimate goal is to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of Academy staff and to prevent work associated ill health, for the overall benefit of staff and the organisation. This encompasses the physical, mental and social health of employees and recognises that employees’ values, personal development and work within the Academy contribute to their overall wellbeing at work.

This strategy statement aims to bring together all initiatives already in place within the Academy for supporting and maximising the health and wellbeing of staff through the coordination of current wellbeing activities and the identification of further opportunities.  

 Aims and Objectives

The Academy’s strategy aims to represents a commitment to an integrated approach to staff wellbeing that creates:

  • A sense of belonging
  • An environment and culture based on shared values and trust
  • An environment where staff wellbeing is integrated into day-to-day practices
  • An environment that recognises skills and encourages personal development

At St Peter’s Academy, well-being initiatives are as detailed below:

  • Time is allowed for family events such as graduations and children’s assemblies.
  • Free breakfast daily in the Atruim
  • Staff praise postcards and weekly briefing thanks from other staff
  • Staff have access to occupational health and a free counselling service via our EAP service called Health Assured, the counselling service provides support and guidance with both home and work-related issues.
  • The EAP service also provide a ‘My Healthy Advantage’ app that staff can download for free, this also gives discounts on healthy eating and outdoor lifestyle shops.
  • If staff are feeling stressed or anxious; a workplace stress risk assessment is completed by the Director of Resources in conjunction with the individual and a support plan agreed.
  • A well-equipped staff room is provided for staff breaks.
  • Staff are provided with refreshments for after school events such as parent’s evenings and any other events where the member of staff has not left the Academy after their normal working hours.
  • Dinner provided on Open Evening for all staff.
  • Breakfast and break food provided free of charge on all Inset days.
  • The Academy has a well-being committee which meets every half term, there is a core committee and staff are all welcome to attend or feedback issues or ideas they wish to raise with their reps.
  • The Academy has a Health and Safety Committee that meets termly.
  • Termly meeting of local union reps with Principal and Director of Resources.
  • On Fridays, staff are encouraged to have break together in the staff room where cakes are provided by staff via a voluntary rota.
  • Staff have access to a health, safety and well-being folder in the shared area where they can access information on managing stress and general well-being.
  • Access to well-being, health, and safety meeting information in the staff room.
  • Staff parties, summer and Christmas events organised
  • Hospitality provided for meetings.
  • Staff discount at the gym at Fenton Manor Leisure Centre. £25 per month instead of £30.
  • Daily free use of the fitness suite.
  • Cancellation of staff meetings when there is an evening event planned in that week.
  • NQT Support programme and comprehensive CPD programme.
  • Mug of appreciation - weekly handed out anonymously as a token of appreciation
  • Parking space close to the building for all staff on their birthday with a Happy Birthday sign
  • Staff room vending machine is on free vend on Mondays between 9am -12pm
  • Wellbeing ‘pod’ in the staff room containing a blood pressure monitor, scales and information on healthy lifestyles.
  • Inset day following opening evening in October annually is used for signing off appraisal end of year reviews and staff wellbeing events. In 2023, the following was arranged:
  • 20 minutes relaxation massages
  • Yoga sessions
  • Meditation
  • Reflexology sessions
  • Reiki sessions
  • Staff netball
  • Staff Football
  • Axe throwing
  • Archery
  • The Principal buys a large bar of Dairy Milk for all staff and a thank you message is printed on a label and handed out by the Principal in the last week of the autumn term as staff arrive in reception.
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