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Menu for Friday 2nd October


Dear Students

Please see below the links for the meals for next week:

Please delete emails that you have had for previous weeks.

Please try to order for the week where possible and make a note in your planners of what you have ordered.

If ordering on the day, ALL orders must be in by 9am at the very latest. All order must be done online.

Please remember that if you are on free school meals, you only have enough money for lunch time and not break. If you require food at break, your parents/carers must put additional money on your WisePay account.

If you order break food and there is not enough money on the account, the food will not arrive to your zone.

Please remember that sandwiches and extra drinks will all arrive in your zone at breaktime and not lunchtime.


Week commencing 5th October 2020


Monday 5th October

Tuesday 6th October

Wednesday 7th October

Thursday 8th October

Friday 9th October



Week 1 and Week 2 Menus


Click here for Week 1

Click here for Week 2


Free school meal entitlement is £2.50, if your child wants to purchase food at break, you will need to put money on their account using Wisepay


Changes to our service due to Covid 19:


The Academy are still running the following services from September 2020:


A free breakfast service for all students served in their ‘bubble’. This consists of a selection of 4 different cereals and also a sugar-free cup of fruit squash. This is self-service and is available between 8.15am and 8.35am every day on a trolley.


A break and lunch time service is available with a reduced number of options but still with 2 hot choices per day and a variety of our best - selling sandwiches. The attached menus have all prices included on them and each day there will be a meal deal which is £2.50, this is for a hot meal, dessert and a bottle of water or a sandwich, dessert or bottle of water.


Students will be asked to order their choices for break and lunch times weekly on Mondays and as you can see from the attached menus, all options are numbered so students just need to add the number of their choice on the form list on Mondays.


We ask all parents and carers that if possible to pay for the whole week by using Wisepay. If you have forgotten your Wisepay login or have not received one, then please call main reception on 01782 882500 and press the Finance option and the staff will be able to assist you.


Please do not send your child in to school with money.


For all information on allergens, please email with your questions and a member of the catering team will be in contact.






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