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Lower and Middle School Assessments

Lower and Middle School Assessments

At St Peter’s CofE Academy assessment in lower and middle school is linked to the curriculum and assesses what students know and do in each of their subjects.

Each subject area has a know and do document which outlines the golden knowledge and skills students need to master by the end of that academic year. Faculties have created these documents alongside their curriculum 3I documents and learning journeys. From there each subject creates their assessments using the know and do documents to ensure that assessments match what the students have been taught. This means that students receive more meaningful feedback and teachers can modify their teaching to correct any misconceptions. Lower and middle school assessments do not rely on examination board questions, which means that the assessments are appropriate for the students in Years 7- 9 and reflect the Academy’s broad and balanced curriculum.

Assessments are completed when appropriate within each subject’s learning journey and is reported home three times per year. Reporting for lower and middle school follows an attainment model. Students are given a curriculum indicator to show how they are accessing the curriculum. These indicators have been created to be positive and to create a growth mindset within our Academy. The students themselves were also involved in the creation of these curriculum indicators (please see below).

  • 76- 100%- Mastering
  • 50- 75%- Secure
  • 26- 49%- Developing
  • 0- 25%- Emerging

Formal assessments are also completed through GL Progress Assessments to enable core subjects to amend learning journeys where areas of strength and weakness have been identified in that cohort (please see the ’10 steps’ below). 

Please see our know and do documents for further information, if you require further information about lower and middle school assessment please contact our Vice Principal Mr Nash ( or our Associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs Auckland (


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