Students at St Peter’s CofE Academy are expected to adhere to the dress code. If students wear incorrect uniform they will spend lessons in holding until the issue with their uniform is resolved.

 St Peter’s CofE Academy will provide a temporary replacement, subject to availability. Students who refuse to conform or who persistently fail to meet the Academy dress code will be placed in isolation.

The Academy will consider individual extreme circumstances or medical exceptions. However this needs to be pre agreed with the Academy.


Smart School Uniform

Harvey House

Hassell Street

Newcastle Under Lyme



Phone: 01782 713650

Click here to go direct to Smart School Uniform website.


National Schoolwear Centres,

99 - 101 Stafford Street,





Telephone: 01782 272991




Click here to go direct to Natioal Scholwear Centre, website





Boys’ Uniform

Boys’ Academy blazer – Navy with a purple trim

Academy tie – Navy with a purple stripe

Academy jumper or cardigan – Grey knitted with a purple trim (optional)

White shirt - can be either short or long sleeve

Trousers—Academy tailored trousers, Navy with purple trim

Socks—Black or grey

Shoes— Black ‘polishable’, sensible style

Girls’ Uniform

Girls’ Academy blazer – Navy with a purple trim

Academy tie – Navy with a purple stripe

Academy jumper or cardigan – Grey knitted with a purple trim (optional)

White blouse / shirt – Can be either short or long sleeve

Skirt—Academy Skirt, Navy with purple trim

Trousers—Academy tailored trousers, Navy with purple trim  

Head Scarf / Hijab—St Peter’s black with logo

Socks—Black or grey or black opaque tights

Shoes— Black ‘polishable’, sensible style, low heeled



What is allowed

What is not allowed


Shirts must be able to button up to the top and long enough to tuck into the waistband of the trousers or skirt

Fashion shirts or blouses with emblems or open collars


Academy trousers, navy with purple trim

No other style of trousers are allowed


Must be worn properly with collars and cuffs down

Hoodies, non academy jumpers


Academy skirt, navy with purple trim

No other style of skirt is allowed


One small stud earring in each ear. Watch.

Multiple piercings, facial, nose or tongue piercings. Hooped earrings, stretchers,  bangles, or necklaces.


Subtle make up (academy judgement). Nail varnish—natural colours

Heavy makeup, excessive fake tan, heavily marked eyebrows.

Bright coloured nail varnish, nail art or false nails


Conventional style and cut. Natural colours only. Grade 2 or above in length. Black Head Scarf (available from the uniform shop).

St Peter's headscarf hijab (if worn) compulsory for Y7 & 8, recommended for Y9-11


Hair below grade 2 anywhere on head. No patterns, wedges or lines. Unnatural colours or bleaching. Beaded or coloured headscarves.


Sensible plain black shoes only. Shoes must be ‘polishable’.

No trainers, pumps, canvas or high heels. No ‘Ugg’ style boots, flip flops and ankle boots

Outdoor coats and hats

Outdoor clothing should be removed on entry to the academy building. Plain coats.

Outer garment under blazers, caps and hoodies are not to be worn on the school site. Coats with large emblems.

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