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Reverse Advent 2021

Posted on: 1st Dec 2021

7 peace alice charity donation


Alongside the Alice Charity Toy Appeal that the ROCK committee are promoting we will also be supporting the OPEN DOORS charity. This is an amazing local charity based in Stoke and supports the homeless and 3 refuge shelters. The charity provides clothing, food and shelter to people from all walks of life, including victims and perpetrators, alcoholics and drug addicts. 

From next week the Reverse advent boxes will be on display in the reception area. 

How Reverse Advent works: 

Each day we are hoping to fill a box with items that can be used as Christmas presents to those accessing OPEN DOORS:  For Example: Selection boxes - Boxes of biscuits - Male/female toiletry set - hats/scarves - male/female underwear etc

Please don’t think you have to bring in an item each day!!! Donate just 1 item and choose a day. 

At the end of advent .... the students and I will collect the items and box them into parcels - Y9 & 10 students will be volunteering at OPEN DOORS and wrapping the gift with Mrs Rubin and Father Tommy.

Reverse advent 2021


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