Message from the Principal

Posted on: 8th Sep 2020

Mr Price filled the air waves with his dulcet tones on Sunday Morning (The 6th September Sunday service from Stoke Minster will be available for three weeks) 

Click here to listen to the Sunday Morning service

He spoke candidly about the apprehension everyone was facing this week, but that the focus of the staff was on progress and learning, whilst showing love and care to our students and each other. We know many have suffered bereavement and loss and we have invested in staff and resources to support students with their emotional and mental health.

Mr Price also spoke of the buzz he was expecting yesterday and it didn’t disappoint. It reminded us all what a privilege it is to serve the community in which we teach and that we are increasing the life chances of the next generation.

He ended on prayer, citing three areas that we need God’s love to support us in

1) Our staff and students and upholding the Christian Core Values we live by.

2) Calm and peace and trust in God and His promises

3) Patience as we adapt to the new ‘normal’

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