Message from the Principal

Posted on: 15th Sep 2020

Parents/Carers who were collecting students at the end of the day will have noticed a traffic enforcement officer and camera van. This improved the parking situation considerably and made the roads safer for the students.

Even though the car park was busy no cars were queuing to get out by 1512 (I checked my watch) as both entrances were open.

Thank you to those who always park considerably and I hope that today proved that parking on double yellow lines does not even necessarily lead to a quicker getaway.




With Stoke-on-Trent on the watchlist for Covid-19 cases, from Wednesday 16/09/20 we will be asking that all students wear a face mask when in all areas in the building other than classrooms. The masks can be removed in lessons, as all students face the front and staff have their zone at the front of the class. 

It has been compulsory for all staff to wear face coverings in communal areas since we returned in September and many students already wear them. 

All 5 entrances are manned by SLT members already and from Wednesday they will be checking students have a face mask in the morning. We do have some disposable face marks that we can allow students to have, if they do not have one, but these are limited so we need students to have their own (disposable or otherwise).

Any parents/carers of students who are exempt from wearing face masks on medical grounds need to contact the Academy and they will be given a lanyard to explain they are exempt.

I think it is likely more schools will follow suit in time, so we would rather be ahead of the game in ensuring the safety of our students.


Thank you in advance.




New rules from monday 21st septembr

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