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Lower School Leadership Charity

Posted on: 20th Dec 2019

Many thanks

Today I had the pleasure of attending Manna House Homeless Charity in Hanley with the Lower School Leadership Team to deliver our donation of warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags etc. in time for the Christmas Holidays. 

We were overwhelmed by the amount of items donated by staff, students and parents and we saw first hand how valuable it will be in the next few weeks. So a huge thank you from us!!!!

Myself and students were touched by some of the stories that their dedicated team of volunteers were sharing with us and learnt just how important supporting such causes is.

Please remember, the homeless people in the City/Country are not there by choice and would do anything to get out of the horrible situation they face, day in, day out, so please try and take time to buy a hot drink or some food to make their lives a little more comfortable.

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