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Posted on: 3rd Feb 2020




The Christian Distinctiveness subcommittee has recently been discussing how we can incorporate more prayer across the academy. Taking on board an initiative from the “pray for schools” initiative we decided to come up with an easy format which was both student friendly and accessible to all.

We came up with the slogan “Say, Do, Pray”

SAY- something thoughtful or caring each day

DO-  something nice for someone today!

PRAY- for what you are concerned about and to give thanks to God. Reflect on what's happening in the world and think of those around you or in the local community who may be going through a tough time.

We would like each form to write one prayer per term. We will collect the payers and display them in OASIS or use them in assemblies. 

Remember prayer is inclusive and no matter what your faith is God listens.

It’s not difficult or complicated to pray…. Just like we speak or communicate with our friends and family we too can speak to God. Prayer is not about the words we use or how we say them, it’s about entering into a conversation with God. When writing your prayers remember that prayer doesn’t require a fancy formula, your words can be simple as long as they are sincere and from the heart. It’s all about building a closer relationship with God.

Martin Luther once quoted: “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

Prayer jarWe would also like you to encourage you and your tutor group to make a prayer jar…. Similar to this one. (If you have any jars lying around please let us have them and we will decorate them for you.)

Encourage students to place any worries or prayer requests in the jar and we will collect them every two weeks. Mrs Rubin and her prayer team will read the requests and pray for the concerns.

Please encourage your tutor group to join us in our SAY, DO, PRAY initiative and together we will make a difference.

Remember you can Pray Anytime, Anywhere, Any place

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