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GASP’s interpretation of The Creation by Haydn

Posted on: 6th Dec 2022

One of those little ‘Joyful ‘moments at SPA. 


Last Saturday evening a number of students, parents and I spent a very enjoyable and moving evening at Keele university chapel listening to the incredible Brayside Orchestra and Keele University Bach choir performance of ‘The Creation’ by Haydn. During which I felt incredibly proud as students from our GASP group (God @St Peter’s) were presented with 1st & 2nd prize for their amazing artwork created and inspired by listening to extracts from The Creation during our GASP sessions. 

Prizes were presented by MP Aaron Bell. The winning pieces of artwork have been made into posters and displayed in the chapel, All entries appear in the programme. Thank you to Becky Daniels one of our science technicians for organising and including us in this very special project. 

1st Prize: ‘Unzipping God’s Creation by Y9 Jess, Grace , Ruta & Ella. 

2nd Prize: ‘ The Glory of God’ by Y8 Lily, Olivia & Jamie. Other entries include ’ The heavens are telling the Glory of God’ by Y7 Olivia, Jess , Grace & Kiera. ‘Light overcomes darkness’ by Guinny & Louis. 

All students have been presented with a copy of the programme where their art work is illustrated. 


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