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Message from the Principal

Posted on: 2nd Oct 2019

We are building up to our Open Evening that is taking place on Wednesday 9th October from 1830-2030. I know many parents have signed permission slips for their children to help out and I would like to thank you for doing so. 

We would also appreciate it if you would share this post with any parents/carers that you know who have children in Year 6. You will be surprised how many parents of current Year 7 students were saying to me 12 months ago “we weren’t even going to come tonight as xxxxxx was planning to go to xxxxxxxxx, but now we have a real decision to make”. 

We have a waiting list for the current Year 7 so it is important if you want to guarantee a place at St. Peter’s, you make us first choice. We are also expecting a big turn out Wednesday night, so we would encourage you to arrive soon after 1800.

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